Piero Guidi

pieroguidi-2Piero Guidi is an authentic artigan leather company based in Urbino of the eastern side of central Italy . This family run company creates stunning accessories, handbags, clothes, scarves, luggage and office accessories. The roots of Piero Guidi can be found in the tannery and leather goods business that dates back to the late 1890s . The brand boasts of a long and successful tradition of craftsmanship combined with a unique and ingenious creativity.

Founded in the 70s, Piero Guidi ,originally a sculptor, turned his creative senses to the fashion business and subsequently founded – the Brand – Piero Guidi. More than thirty years on, out of a vibrant bottega in Urbino {birthplace of Raphael}, Piero Guidi continues to grow and enjoy success not only in Italy but around the world.

The iconic Magic Circus and Lineabold lines make up the permanent and seasonal collections of the Piero Guidi brand.

magic-circus-1Magic Circus “fantasy never dies”, “the slogan expressing the spirit of the MAGIC CIRCUS classic and seasonal collections. Products include classic permanent collections as in bags, luggage, wallet and purses, and scarves. Seasonal includes bags and clothing .An explosion of colour and fun, Magic Circus represents the fantastic world of circus madeup of an atmosphere created by dreams and poetry. Innovation, research, craftsmanship and original designs make Magic Circus products one of a kind.” Bags and leather accessoires made in Calf leather and /or Cotton Canvas 100% Made in Italy. All handcrafted in Italy.

Lineabold design meets a new destructured model made in palmellato leather. This timeless design in unusual color combination Elegant, Pop and Country. Whether you are an expert adventurer or sophisticated traveller the Pier Guidi TRAVEL,WORK AND DREAM collections will have something for you.

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