Le Sibille

mandala-2LE SIBILLE : art jewels

Combine antique renaissance mastery with the art of modern day gold smithery THE SIBILLE brings to you singuarly original pieces of art in fine jewellry with the most exquisite and unique designs.

Le Sibille is a small artisan company based in Rome, Italy. The owners, Camilla Bronzini, Francesca Neri Serneri and Antonella Perugini have created an original fine jewellery business based on years of research and the synergy of their different backgrounds and experiences .

Together with their enthusiam for research and study of the art of goldsmiths of the past they have been able to blend two very specific techniques , mosaic in miniature and enamels, originating from the antique vatican school of micro mosiac in Rome, Italy and together with the finest precious and semi-precious stones create beautiful masterpieces that can enchant any lover of fine jewels.

These painstaking designs take inspiration from the Greek, roman, byzantine, renaissance and baroque periods and not only, today their creations include themes and colours from the Middle and Far East. Hand-made, these custom created pieces set in 18Kt gold are made from the finest materials and totally Made in Italy.