Being a product scout in Italy means I am always on the search, hunting for new and exciting products that can range from fashion accessories to food products and much more. An underlying factor in any of the products we promote is that they are high quality, Made In Italy , unique and most importantly have a story behind them that wants to be told. We like to specialise in uniqueness and create a synergy with our products and long-lasting relationships with the people who create them. We are interested in products that involve artisan skills or specialities that are very difficult to find anywhere else. Of course we are lucky enough to be based in Italy which is, as you can imagine, a product scouts dream as it never ceases to amaze me what this wonderful country and its’ people can produce and create.

Our work is not only about finding wonderful products but creating professional relationships where we offer our clients/producers the support to find the right customers and product placement on an international market and to create an environment where their products can be shown to their full potential.

Some Products

Piero Guidi

Piero Guidi is an authentic artigan leather company based in Urbino. Click for more info.

Pelle di Mare

A 7 star superior high quality pioneering of digitally integrated artistic craftsmanship.

Click for more info.

Le Sibille

Combine antique renaissance mastery with the art of modern day gold smithery. Click for more info.