Just recently I was introduced to Francois Zille, founder and owner of Pelle Di Mare. Francois Zille ,visual anthropolist, philosopher, teacher and much more with a long back ground in design and invention. As a seasoned world wide traveller he created PELLE DI MARE with an idea to offer a product that it is conceived, designed [...]

Being a product scout in Italy means I am always on the search, hunting for new and exciting products that can range from fashion accessories to food products and much more. The most important factor in any of the products we promote is that they are high quality, Made In Italy , unique and most [...]

“Le Sibille” – the Sybils, in English – was a term used by Ancient Greeks to describe what they believed were female oracles, women who could see what was yet to come. But Camilla, Francesca and Antonella, the ladies behind Le Sibille, do quite the opposite of predicting the future; they resuscitate artistic traditions and [...]