Welcome to White Opis

  • Who we are

I’m Ann, founder of White Opis. I’ve lived and worked as a luxury product scout in Italy for 20 years now; during this time, I’ve met fascinating people and have come across innumerate unique, rare, often one-of-a-kind products and places. After two decades of this, I’ve decided to set up White Opis as an endeavour to share with you the untapped treasures Italy conceals.

White Opis isn’t an effort to promote the rarities I’ve discovered to the masses. It aims to valorise them and their stories by sharing them with an intimate crowd of connoisseurs and creating a deep relationship with their manufacturers, designers, architects and owners. All in the hope of preserving and cultivating Italy’s tradition of excellence and craftsmanship.

  • What we do

As White Opis, I hunt the Italian peninsula from head to toe to build an intimate portfolio of artisanal products, exclusive accommodation and evocative experiences, connecting you with Italy’s rich and ancient cultural heritage.

The products, all carefully handpicked for you, range from succulent culinary products to handcrafted kitchenware, furniture, decorative accessories and clothing. They all encapsulate tasteful artisanship and are, of course, rigorously designed and produced in Italy. Navigate through the ‘Products’ tab at the top of the page to get a taste of what we offer.

Through White Opis, you can also embark on personalised sensorial journeys and experience Italy through its sacred tastes, smells, textures, colours, people and landscapes. You will learn how to prepare a plant-based meal, make your own unique Italian pottery, use local spices and aromas to enhance your well being and much more. Click on the ‘Experiences’ tab at the top of the page and dive into the authentic Italian experience.

If you just want to enjoy the Italian landscape, be charmed by the Tuscan countryside or lulled by the Sardinian sea breeze, we’ve got you covered as well. You can spend your next holiday in one of the exclusive luxurious accommodations I’ve selected for you. Go to the ‘Accommodations’ tab at the top of the page and start fantasising about where you could be spending your next holiday.